The winery of Villa Bibbiani in history

The Villa Bibbiani winery is a magnificent building that housed the ancient basement of Cosimo Ridolfi in 1800.

Even 150 years ago it was considered a state of-the-art structure with running water thanks to a system of storage tanks and was equipped with a heating system that allowed a kind of temperature control during the wine making.

Italian tradition

Currently the wineries have been renovated and equipped with innovative systems that allow the most up-to-date winemaking techniques, preserving the tradition. The use of the force of gravity between different levels, from the arrival of the grapes in the cellar to the placement in the barrel, is for us today, as in the past, the best solution to move the wine.

The research and study of new solutions to obtain wines of the highest quality have always permeated the walls of this winery. Innovate our tradition

The Barrel Room

At Villa Bibbiani the ancient barrel cellar, with its exposed brick vaults, is the place where the wine has always been aged and refined. Here, among barriques and large barrels of French Slavonian oak, constant research and study are carried out. Each wine has its own characteristics and needs the right container to best be enhanced. For this reason, in our cellar there are also terracotta amphorae of Impruneta or Cocciopesto.

This type of refinement is a tribute to the past as well as to Tuscany, where they are produced. The terracotta allows an evolution of the wine respecting its characteristics and authenticity. The same applies to Cocciopesto, a material already used by the Romans, which differs in that it is not cooked but only cast.

The Vineyards

Of the almost 400 hectares that Villa Bibbiani owns, about 30 are currently planted with vines and in production. Our vineyards, aged between fifty and twenty years, extend from the plain of the Arno to more than 250 m above sea level. Depending on the position and altitude, the composition of the soil changes and therefore the nuances that our wines provide us. Sangiovese is undoubtedly the prince of varieties in Italy and especially in Tuscany.

Clearly it is also for us here at Villa Bibbiani, an integral part of our history and tradition. However, this variety is joined by Cabernet Sauvignon, our other soul of the company. Cabernet is considered an autochthonous grape, which in our territory finds the perfect terroir to express itself at its best, transmitting typicity and authenticity. In fact, it is historically present in our area, imported by the Medici more than 300 years ago under the name of Uva Francesca, from France.

Visit and Wine Tasting

Wine is history and culture, but above all wine is the pleasure of sharing and conviviality.

For all these reasons we are happy to welcome you to our historic cellar, and guide you in an unforgettable wine tasting

Tastings by Reservation only

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