Villa Bibbiani´s

Botanical Park

Botanical pleasure

Designed by Marquis Cosimo Ridolfi, who in 1800 also gave inpetus to the state´s winemaking activity. Today you can still admire fascinatin Italian gardens and lush grassy and wooded moadown that host thousand of age-old and exotic spacies

The Garden

The Villa Bibbiani garden is an open-air treasure made up of various exotic plants and millennial trees. The mansion is surrounded by elegant Italian-style gardens, part of the 20-hectare botanical park that gently slopes down on three sides of the hill.

In the large wooded meadow in front of the villa you can find domestic pines (25 meters high and with a circumference of 4.4 meters), some cedars of Lebanon, a giant sequoia, a fir of the Caucasus and a Chinese-native Hovenia Dulcis, which was one of the first specimens introduced into Italy.

More to the eye

In addition to the wooded areas of about 270 hectares, within the property there are about 30 hectares of olive groves, 20 hectares of vineyards and 20 hectares of arable land.

From the botanical viewpoint, the garden behind the villa is the most important part, as it is one of the areas with ornamental exotic species.

Villa Bibbiani is a beautiful italian complex located on the southern slopes of Montalbano that dates to the 17th century.

The botanical garden is a beautiful ancient garden with unique details and finishes being one of the characteristic places of the villa.

The winery

Villa Bibbiani is synonymous with the Montalbano Chianti of superior excellence. In our winery, one of the most avant-garde in Italy, we work with grapes from our estate to produce fine labels that represent the best of the area: the red wines Montereggi, Pulignano and Treggiaia, and the rosé wine Flora.


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