Villa Bibbiani´s


Entertainment inside the villa

Enjoy a play or a private event in the beautiful forum that Villa Bibbiani has.
A majestic theater with a capacity of 70 people, full of beautiful paintings and ancient art.

About the theater

The theater inside Villa Bibbiani is one of the most special features of the villa. The theater is filled with Italian art from the Renaissance era on each of its walls, giving a unique sense of elegance to the spectators, and has a capacity of 70 people within the precinct.

Private events

The complex has all the essential features to be able to organize a private event, whether it be putting on a play, celebrating a birthday, celebrating a family meal, etc.

Any event is always accompanied by majestic art and Renaissance paintings that will make guests feel surrounded by a classic Italian atmosphere.

Visit the church

When traveling in Italy, we love to visit churches, especially in small towns, and the church inside Villa Bibbiani is one of the most distinctive features of the villa. Inside the church we can see the most beautiful examples of Italian artistry among other art expressions.​

the olive fields

Love for the land and its products is reflected in Villa Bibbiani and also in the cultivation of olive trees in an area where already in the early 19th century it is said that the plants of “olive trees and the most exquisite vines” prospered.


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