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Flora IGT Toscana

25,00 €

Fresh, intriguing and with a fine pink color, Flora encloses the scents of flowers in the garden of Villa Bibbiani.


Chianti Montalbano DOCG 2019

32,00 €

Harmonious, balanced and with a long finish, our Chianti Montalbano is the most characteristic expression of our area.

Treggiaia IGT Toscana 2018

45,00 €

Balanced and robust, Treggiaia combines the Tuscan identity and international spirit of Cabernet Sauvignon


Pulignano IGT Toscana 2018

65,00 €

A 100% Sangiovese wine, capable of evolving over time. It tells a fascinating story of authenticity and style.


Montereggi IGT Toscana 2018

65,00 €

A wine with great personality: the authentic expression of a Cabernet Sauvignon that has fund ther perfect terroir on the tuscan hills

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