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Outdoor activities

There is more to do outside the village

Below we show you a more detailed list of the various special activities that you can do outdoors.

Truffle hunting

Truffles are, essentially, specific mushroom varieties that grow underneath trees and below the ground and are incredibly difficult to locate, however, their strong aroma makes it easier for dogs to seek them out. Truffle hunting in Villa Bibbiani is a foraging process that involves trained dogs accompanying our Italian truffle hunters to sniff out the cherished mushrooms buried deep beneath the forest floor. The dogs are typically chosen to uncover truffles as they do not harm or disturb the root structure of surrounding trees where truffles can continue to grow.

Luxury shopping

Florence is a supremely stylish place and is famous for its textiles and crafts, a city of creativity where people create magic from simple beginnings, and it stands to reason that the city should have a fine roster of boutiques and more. Here are some of the best luxurious places where Villa Bibbiani. takes you shopping:

Via Roma and Via dei Calzaiuoli
Via dei Serragli
Via de’ Tornabuoni
Borgo Santi Apostoli
Via della Vigna Nuova

EBike rental and tour

Down for an electric bike tour of Florence, Villa Bibbiani and its surroundings without the struggle. With a motor to give you help on any hills, the e-bikes Villa Bibbiani offers a more relaxing way to see all the monuments of Florence. Pedal behind a special guide on a landmark-packed route, and see everything you need to learn about the Villa and the beautiful places Florence sights has to offer.

Horse ride

Explore Florence and discover the region’s highlights with a local guide Villa Bibbiani offers. Travel trough the city, the buildings and its typical Italian Renaissance architecture. Go in a horseback ride between the mountains, fields and get to know the vineyards and live this unique experience.

Air ballon experience

Get an unbeatable view of Florence gorgeous countryside on a private hot air balloon flight. Float on the breeze above rolling hills, vineyards, and medieval villas for a romantic experience. Toast your adventure with a glass of sparkling wine from our winery, and relax as a driver transports you and your group.

Other services

These are other services that Villa Bibbiani offers its special guests.

Activities on the estate grounds:

Wine tour and tasting

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Cooking class with chef

Massage treatment

Yoga lesson​

Private show in theatre

VIP Exclusive services

Private transportation

Luxury Van

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Private Flight

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Cruise Experience

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Book the whole Villa

Welcome to Villa Bibbiani, the beautiful Italian villa surrounded by a magnificent botanical park, meadows, woods, vineyards and olive groves that gently slope down towards the Arno River.

Book the villa for more than 7 days so you can enjoy and live the true Italian experience. Walk through the vineyards and olive groves, and stroll inside the villa where there are magnificent frescoes and fine period furnishings that decorate the large rooms of the building.

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