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Olive History

Villa Bibbiani transmits all his love for the land and its products also in the cultivation of the olive tree in an area as favorable as Tuscany. The production of extra virgin olive oil in Tuscany is part of the local history, culture and tradition.

High quality oil

In addition to the estate’s five thousand olive trees we have an two thousand specimen olive grove near Vinci, birthplace of Leonardo and one of the most suggestive and fascinating areas of the Florentine province.

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Variety in production

The varieties present are typical Tuscan cultivars such as Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo. Every year we celebrate the olive harvest by selecting the best plants, depending on the year, and working them during the day to ensure olive oil of the highest quality. Our olive oil is perfect to accompany it with any meal, its brilliant texture and its exquisite flavor make Villa Bibbiani olive oil an essential accompaniment to any meal.

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