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Members of the Villa Bibbiani wine club have special benefits and promotions, as well as the availability of unique wines and home delivery of selected wine packages. Select a wine membership and enjoy the exclusive benefits we have to offer.

Our memberships

Special Reserve Membership

Package of 4 exclusive and selected bottles for the exclusive members of Villa Bibbiani

- Montereggi -
- Chianti Montalbano -
- Flora Rose -
- Treggiaia -

€ 500.00 / month

Premium Reserve Membership

Collection of 6 bottles of Villa Bibbiani's special wine reserve.

- 2 Montereggi -
- 2 Chianti Montalbano -
- 2 Flora Rose -

€ 500.00 / month

Elite Reserve Membership

Package of 12 bottles of delicious wine selected from our cellar at a special price for our exclusive members.

- 3 Montereggi -
- 3 Chianti Montalbano -
- 3 Flora Rose -
- 3 Treggiaia -

€ 500.00 / month

Premium Wine Case

Case of any of the 4 wines 10% discount from retail for monthly subscription

€ 500.00 / month

Luxury Special Case

1 case of each wine. 20% discount from retail for monthly subscription

€ 500.00 / month

Being a member of Villa Bibbiani Wine Club
it’s a matter of LifeStyle

For the ones who want to have more than a wine experience and live the Tuscan luxurious life a unique club where the members will understand more and more about Italian wine.

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Villa Bibbiani is synonymous with the Montalbano Chianti of superior excellence. In our winery, one of the most avant-garde in Italy, we work with grapes from our estate to produce fine labels that represent the best of the area: the red wines Montereggi, Pulignano and Treggiaia, and the rosé wine Flora.

Villa Bibbiani memberships

Be part of Villa Bibbiani and enjoy all the benefits and special services that the villa can offer. Check out the village memberships.


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