The flowering of the vine

The flowering of the vine

The flowering of the vine takes place between May and June and it only lasts within a very limited timeframe, with a maximum of ten days. It is one of the most delicate phases in the life cycle of the plant while it culminates with the fruit set, which is the passage from flower to fruit. At Villa Bibbiani, we follow every moment of this phase, step-by-step, since it is very important for our vineyards.


How the flowers of the vines are made

The small, inconspicuous, yellow-green flowers that make up the so-called “inflorescence” are collected in clusters: from each flower, once fertilization has taken place, grapes will develop. These will then begin to gain in weight and volume, but will still remain green and very hard for several weeks.


What risks does the vine run during flowering

Flowering is an extremely delicate moment: unfavorable weather conditions could compromise the harvest. It is therefore very important that in this period, the climate is not too humid or cold because the early fall of the flowers will have consequences on the ripening of the grapes. As always, it is necessary to supervise the screws in the field to minimize risks. It is in this phase that the yield and quality of the harvest are decided. In general, a successful flowering guarantees an excellent harvest. However, if in the event of rain, low temperature or strong winds – phenomena that cannot be avoided – it will be necessary to follow the subsequent phases of the life cycle even more closely. The competition between the development of the foliage, the flowers and the fruits is important: it is necessary to ensure that the growth is balanced and guided by the wisdom of the growers who work on the vineyards.

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