Pairing wine and artichoke have always been considered a challenge for chefs and sommeliers. The reason is to find in the reputation of this vegetable of being a wine-killer but it’s just an overplayed issue.

Recipes based on artichoke
The artichoke has a high content of tannins and this stands out especially when they are used raw for a salad. This characteristic makes the artichoke difficult to associate with the alcohol content of wines. On the palate, the raw artichoke increases the sense of astringency. On the contrary, a completely different result occurs for the cooked artichokes, protagonist of many famous Italian recipes. Just some examples are soups, stuffed lasagna, risottos, side dishes and artichoke-based flans. When taste these amazing dishes, what it stands out is an explosion of flavor which goes well paired with a red wine. Our suggestion? Villa Bibbiani Chianti Montalbano which with soft and enveloping tannins, together with its pleasant freshness, is a good choice for artichoke-based dishes.

The Empolese artichoke is the typical variety of Tuscany
Do you know that exist a lot of kind of artichokes? And what is the most popular variety in Tuscany? The Empolese artichoke is the typical variety of Tuscany. its leaves, without thorns, are glossy green, arranged like rose petals. It’s famous for its tender and compact consistency and intense flavor tending to bitter-sweet. The production of this variety begins in March and continues until June and is concentrated in the area between Empoli and Certaldo. The cultivation method and the climatic conditions of the Empoli area impact on the taste: intense and balanced. Therefore, Chianti Montalbano of Villa Bibbiani is the right choice to drink if you want to enjoy a recipe and wine with a Tuscan touch.


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