March 21 marks the beginning of spring – one of the best moments in the vineyard. Spring in the vineyard means grapevine flowering phase but also cover crop which plays an important role for the vineyard’s ecosystem. Cover cropping refers to crop planting between the rows of vines, in order to improve the management of the vineyard.

Integrated agriculture
The Grapevine care means preserving the environment and keeping it in balance. This helps, in the harvest season, to have the best grape and obtain a high-quality wine. Indeed, an excellent harvest is the result of works in the field that take place all year round. The cover crop is one of the complementary activities of the grapevine care. This is fundamental to provide habitat and food for beneficial insects that can prevent plant diseases and facilitate pollination. Cover cropping has many benefits for the vineyard. It’s mainly used as an alternative to herbicides. In addition, parasites, attracted to other flowers, do not risk infest the vines.

Cover cropping
Cover cropping is very useful for soil as well. To have a good result, who is in charge of the vineyard management needs to know how to choose the right lawn, suitable for the type of soil. The choice depends on the goal to achieve: to help increase the growth of the plants, or on the contrary help to reduce the plant’s vegetation. The choice of flowers and grass species must be a prudent choice that does not damage the growth of the vine but on the contrary helps it in a natural way.

The plants knowledge
From the botanical park to the vineyards, the knowledge of plants and flowers is in the DNA of Villa Bibbiani thanks to the great agronomist Cosimo Ridolfi who was the architect of the development of the estate.


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