Did you know what the weeping of vines is? It’s an extraordinary phenomenon which not everyone is aware of. It occurs just once a year, when the grapevine finishes its dormancy phase. Not tears of sadness but full of life – the weeping of vines marks a new cycle in the plant’s life. It also means that the spring is on its way. 

What is the weeping of vines?

During the winter months with its typical low temperatures, the grapevines rest. When the weather warms up again, the sap starts to flow again in the appearing dry twigs. This leads to the first “teardrop” which drips out from the cut left by pruning. The weeping of vines is the manifestation that the grapevine is starting a new life. An event that not everyone is so lucky to see. 

This phenomenon takes place when the soil temperature is at 25 cm of depth at about 10°. It is then that the sap begins to flow, and the plant recovers the water and minerals lost during the cold season. In this phase, the roots of vines will take in moisture. 

The prunings carried out before the spring season are crucial to prepare the plant for vegetation, facilitating proper growth. The wine experts said that the vine weep around one month before the budding phase. The tear-like drops at the end of cut branches are a combination of sugar, minerals, and acids. This fluid is useful to scar the cut due to pruning and to protect the bark.

Here at Villa Bibbiani, we work every day in the vineyard, and we are so lucky to assist this extraordinary phenomenon. We consider the weeping of vines a moment of joy that thrills us every time. It’s a natural event which grabs the vineyard wonders and the season cycle.


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