Tuscany is one of the Italian regions which offers the best condition for truffle growing. For this reason, it’s easy to understand why truffles are one of the main protagonists of the Tuscan culinary tradition. This precious ingredient with its distinctive taste is present in different local recipes from risotto to fresh pasta, and sauces. 

Where do you find truffles in Tuscany?

If you are wondering which are the main zones where to find truffles, these are the wooded areas of Tuscany – Mugello, the National Park of Casentino Forests, San Miniato, the Grosseto Maremma area and the hills around Florence are the most famous ones. The most important area for white truffles is in San Miniato, 10 km from Villa Bibbiani. Apart from the white truffles, the most valuable type, in Tuscany, you can also find the “Scorzone” and the Whitish truffle. 

Whitish truffle is also known as “Bianchetto” – with its light and delicate taste, it’s ideal to balance recipes with different aromas and fragrances. Harvested from January to April, the Whitish truffle has common characteristics to white truffles, but it is cheaper and easier to find, especially in the hilly inland areas or in the oak and pine woods. Its color varies between white ocher and dark orange and it’s characterized by a few veins. With an intense, spicy and slightly garlicky aroma, this truffle is used to add flavor to typical recipes combined with a wine that supports its intensity. A perfect example is Treggiaia of Villa Bibbiani, a robust wine which combines the Tuscan identity and international spirit of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The authentic recipe of  pasta with truffle 

To quickly prepare this delicious recipe respecting the local traditions, you can cook fresh egg pasta tagliolini, seasoned with butter, pepper, grated cheese and a nice sprinkle of Whitish truffle flakes. A precious tip for the cooking lovers is to avoid cooking the Whitish truffle, because unlike other types, during cooking it loses its aroma and its typical taste.  


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