Villa Bibbiani is located among Montalbano hills not too far from the astonishing Florence. Indeed, the Tuscan capital is just 30 km from our winery. In the past, people sailed along the Arno river to reach the city. At that time, the river played a very important role: it was the main trade route. Furthermore, the river was fundamental for agriculture too. This land where Villa Bibbiani is located was considered like “the garden” of the city.

Around Villa Bibbiani you can find an actual Renaissance itinerary – a must-see small town filled with Renaissance elements. Very close to the winery there is the town Capraia e Limite, Empoli, Vinci that is the birthtown of Leonardo and many others. You will be captured by the breathtaking landscape on the slopes of Montalbano hills, historical villas and countryside. This tour is perfect with a car or you can also enjoy it on a bike or motorcycle.

The hills of Montalbano reach 600 meters above sea level and offer a varied environmental panorama ranging from cultivated terraces to chestnut woods on the top. On the hills you can find marked hiking trails, to be covered on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback.

Leaving the tidy countryside in the direction of Florence, the beating heart of Tuscany, you can choose two roads. You can follow the direct road that starts from Leghorn passing through Pisa or choose the panoramic road that follows the course of the Arno rivers. Every time you visit Florence, the city offers a unique experience. The captivating streets of the center that lead to Piazza del Duomo, the famous museums or just a stroll on Ponte Vecchio are just some examples of what Florence is. And the best way to fully enjoy the city is sipping a glass of Montalbano wine. 


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