Did you know that the corks we use for Villa Bibbiani’s wines are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable?  They are made from sustainable, renewable sugarcane-based raw materials. These are the high-tech corks of the Nomacorc Green Line – a new kind of closures called PlantCorc™. Nomacorc is the best solution for Villa Bibbiani winery, as we are always seeking for the highest performance for our wines.

Nomacorc corks characteristics

This new line of corks is designed by Vinventions, a leader company of closure solutions. Its mission is to provide wineries the best solution to have an optimal oxygen permeability of the cork and facilitate the wine’s aging. Red wines, in fact, tend to spoil over time – a problem that can be avoided with solutions provided by Viventions. In fact, the high performance of Nomacorc avoids the wine taint fault such as the cork taint that is one of the most common issues in wine.

Commitment and sustainability 

Villa Bibbiani’s philosophy combines research and tradition in an environmental responsibility point of view. Therefore, we pay attention to every detail and how they impact on the final product. Nomacorc are designed for wineries that make sustainability a pillar in their activity. The care we put in the management of our vineyard and our choices position Villa Bibbiani like a winery very careful to the environment.

Which corks use Villa Bibbiani? 

Viventions offer different kinds of corks with specific characteristics. Villa Bibbiani chose the Select 300 corks for our Chianti Montalbano and Flora wine, while for Pulignano, Montereggi and Treggiaia we chose Reserva corks. The latter are perfect for wines with great aging potential since they ensure a wine preservation up to 25 years. Over the years, wineries realize that to maximize the wine quality is important to choose the best elements of their bottles. 


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