Villa Bibbiani’s Tuscan extra virgin olive oil has gained the recognition of the PGI certification. Indeed, it’s a typical Tuscan product of excellence with unique sensory and qualitative characteristics. Our olive oil comes from the best olive selections produced every year by the five thousand olive trees planted within Villa Bibbiani’s estate. Another two thousand trees are grown near the town of Vinci.
PGI certification
In order to gain the PGI certification, Tuscan extra virgin olive oil has to follow a product specification. This adheres to strict rules in terms of production and characteristics, one of the most important is that the olive oil must be produced in the Tuscany region. Villa Bibbiani’s olive oil embodies the Tuscan secular agriculture tradition – indeed it is renowned for its superior qualities.
Still today, as in the past, the olives are hand picked while the pressing is done cold within 12 hours of harvesting in a high-tech oil mill. Every year, the uncertainty of the season can affect the growth of olives; therefore, just a careful care can prevent it and result in a quality production. Our olive oil is subjected to chemical and sensory tests run by commissions recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies. The Tuscan region is renowned for three olives varieties collected evenly throughout the region: Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio. These are the three monocultivars that make up our fine Tuscan olive oil. Villa Bibbiani’s olive oil is clear and dense in colour with notes of green and golden yellow reflections. On the palate, it expresses all the natural fresh olive flavours along with hints of almond and green leaf. Villa Bibbiani’s olive oil has a medium fruity taste with pleasant and delicate spicy notes. The best way to taste our olive oil and understand all its characteristics is with a slice of Tuscan bread typically unsalted.


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