Here, at Villa Bibbiani, we care about local traditions. One of which is having a slice of bread drenched with extra virgin oil, in Tuscan dialect, it is called “la fettunta” – a delicious recipe we couldn’t say no to. It is prepared with the typical unsalted Tuscan bread to be toasted to a perfect golden color on the outside while the crumb remains soft on the inside. The slices are then flavored with fresh garlic and sprinkled with Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

A simple dish for the lower class, with a noble taste given from the oil. The green gold of Villa Bibbiani contains all those aromas typical of the area in which our olive trees grow. Eating the “fettunta” is an excuse to taste the “new” oil, perhaps accompanied by a good glass of wine like our Chianti Montalbano.