The vines follow the seasons’ cycle, but the grapevine care continues as we start preparing for pruning – a crucial step for the spring flowering.

During the cold period, the grapevines are in a dormancy phase, a very important time in the grapevine growth cycle. It influences the flowering and vegetative growth in springtime.

Here at Villa Bibbiani, works in vineyard continues at slower pace but we never stop. In winter, we are committed to those fundamental steps for the development of the buds in spring and to have a good harvest in September. The pruning time last from late November to end of March. Pruning involves both the growing and young vines and helps to increase the production of flowers and grape as well. It guides the growth of the plant and ensure good air and light penetration between the foliage. It is a “strategic” step – depending on how the vines are pruned, the harvest will be richer or less rich in bunches and the wine will be of lower or higher quality.