The fireplace has a very important role during Christmas time, especially in Tuscany. In our region like in many other European countries the custom of burning the Yule Log is very strong since ancient times.  The wooden Yule, known in Italy as “Ceppo di Natale” or in Tuscan dialect “Ciocco” is lit on Christmas Eve and left to burn through Boxing Day.

In the past, the Christmas Yule was not only use as source of heat and to have light, but it was considered as a sign of good wishes.  Indeed, in the popular tradition it was the Yule to bring gifts to children at Christmas. In the countryside, spreading the Yule’s ash was consider a ritual to bless

the field for the new year’s crops. The fireplace has always had it charms – it warms up the atmosphere creating magic moments of reflection. The best moment to taste a glass Villa Bibbiani’s Montereggi, a meditation wine rich of aromatic notes.