Admiring the panorama of the Tuscan hills with the vineyards that paint the landscape is always a suggestive experience, but there is one season in particular that transforms this experience into an authentic poetry: autumn.

If in September the vineyard still has green leaves and the plants are full of grapes, the metamorphosis will take place within a few weeks. After the harvest, in October, the leaves change from green to yellow, and then in November, they take on the warm colors of brown and red, intense with bright notes.

Once the grapes have been harvested, the winegrowers continue to take care of the vines to prepare them for the long winter rest: the plants must be ready to challenge the cold season. To favor the birth of new shoots in the following year they are also pruned.

There are also other jobs for the vineyard in this period, such as arranging the soil surrounding the rows to protect the roots from the cold and to cope with abundant rainfall.