Pulignano of Villa Bibbiani, Sangiovese in purity, is the ideal combination for enjoying first courses seasoned with tasty meat sauce, such as the classic pappardelle with wild boar sauce. This elegant wine, suitable for any meal, is the manifesto of our territory because it is prepared with Sangiovese grapes, harvested in the Chianti Montalbano vineyards. Fresh pasta seasoned with game meat best represents the local tradition and it specially emphasizes the aromas of our Tuscan land.

The wild boar ragù pappardelle pasta reflects the culinary identity of Tuscany, thanks to its strong and tasty flavor. It is a first course that goes perfectly with a good glass of red wine from our hills – Villa Bibbiani’s Pulignano Toscana IGT is just what you need. The wild notes of the ingredients used to prepare this dish perfectly pairs with Pulignano’s soft tannins while enhancing the wine’s aromas – the most suitable combination to enrich an autumn lunch or dinner with this special local taste.

In the autumn months, before our nature goes to rest, the Earth gifts us some of her best delicacies, game meat. Thanks to the cooler climate, it is the perfect time to savor them. The flavor of wild boar is aromatic and intense because wild animals feed on fragrant herbs, berries, mushrooms and acorns. The pappardelle, tagliatelle more than a centimeter wide, takes its name from the Tuscan “pappare”: if prepared by hand, it enriches the preparation with its sweetness, while a wine like Pulignano brings out the best of its nature. The nose will perceive a delicate and complex scent: with notes of ripe fruit, cherry and violet, in perfect harmony with spicy and slightly toasted hints.