The story of the 2020 harvest begins with the oenologist of Villa Bibbiani, Leopoldo Morara: “Like every year, September arrives with a period in which the fruits of the vineyards are harvested in the fields to turn them into wine in the cellar. The most crucial part of the harvest is knowing how to grasp the right moment for harvesting, reaching full maturity of the grapes.

On top of this, lies an extremely unpredictable and difficult element: the weather. It is important to know how to be timely, avoiding the rain that could compromise the health of our grapes. As good as one may be, it is a constant variable in the life of the field. 2020 was a year characterized by a very mild winter, which did not always allow the plant to lignify correctly. Under this condition, we must add some spring frosts to compromise the vitality and fertility of the more distal buds. The vines have also suffered from the great summer heat, almost never interrupted by showers.

Although the summer heat resulted in a lower yield quantitatively, the vines were allowed to concentrate all their strength in a limited number of clusters. From this derives a considerable chromatic and alcoholic load, with good structure and fresh aromatic profiles, which has always been how one would characterize our wines. The grapes from our vineyards, selected and harvested by hand, now rest in
the cellar. All that remains is to wait … “