Inside the Villa Bibbiani estate, there are traces of the Etruscan settlements. In fact, since ancient times, this area has been chosen for its strategic, elevated position being close to the Arno river. Being near the Arno river represents an advantage in location with important communications and transport route for goods. The Etruscan ruins are the remains of residential buildings that were erected in this privileged place at the time – on a terrace overlooking the river.

The archaeological finds in the estate speak of an Etruscan settlement historically located around the fourth century BC. The area is located in the woods, within the confines of the Villa Bibbiani estate on the Montereggi hill. The excavation has not been completed and it is possible that other treasures can be found in the area. Through the work of archaeologists, various artefacts of historical interests have been obtained such as amphorae, bronzes and ceramics. All of those are kept today in the Archaeological Museum of Montelupo, in the former complex of San Quirico and Santa Lucia.