A bottle of Treggiaia with your summer barbecues Treggiaia of Villa Bibbiani is a full-bodied red wine perfect in combination with traditional Tuscan cuisine. The intensity and aromatic richness go well with red meats, cooked on the grill. The complex and fresh scents of this wine come from the combination of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon which makes it a welcome guest for summer barbecues.

Treggiaia represents the versatile soul of Tuscany and its love for conviviality. It is an elegant and seductive wine, with a silky and soft tannins that supports its depth. It is not only a matter of taste but also a scientific perspective: the tannins in red wine produces the sensation of astringency in the mouth which contrasts the natural greasiness of meat, restoring the right balance in the mouth. The Treggiaia Villa Bibbiani is not only lively but also capable of conquering all palates: the ideal wine for a match when bringing grilled meats to the table.


15% di sconto
sul nostro Treggiaia IGT

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