The first step to sustainability is to promptly intervene and reassess elaborate processes when necessary. For this reason, at Villa Bibbiani, we have installed weather stations in our vineyards to guide us throughout the seasons. By keeping rainfall, humidity level and temperature in the vineyard stable and under control, with careful management of the vineyard, there are processes that can be adjusted or avoided to stay sustainable.

The fields of Villa Bibbiani are controlled with a cutting-edge system to control and manage the vineyard. In our fields we have installed weather stations that are able to measure humidity level, rainfall and radiation which are the key components that control and safeguard the surrounding environment and our grapes. By doing so, we are able to limit processes and steps in the vineyard and be as “sustainable” as possible. These weather stations are designed specifically for agricultural use. They are completely autonomous and transmit data remotely to monitor environmental conditions: in this way we will always know the condition of our vineyards and grapes.