Cabernet Sauvignon is a black grape variety that was born in France in the Bordeaux region, within the Médoc and Graves-Saint-Amant area. Cabernet Sauvignon is widespread for its ductility and adaptability to different areas of the world from California to Australia and of course one of them is undoubtedly Tuscany, its adopted homeland. In the Montalbano area in particular, we consider the Cabernet Sauvignon variety practically a native. Since the 1600s, there are testimonies of its presence in our area. Cabernet Sauvignon was in fact brought to Tuscany by the Medici and found its adopted home on our hills. It is a vine capable of giving life to structured products, rich both in taste and scent with the ability to ennoble other vines assembled to him, giving body and depth, enriching the nose with spicy and sometimes balsamic notes.

Here at Villa Bibbiani, we use Cabernet Sauvignon to produce two of our labels:

Treggiaia, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese – these two vines prove that they can be almost complementary and able to give life to a complex, intriguing and fresh wine.

Montereggi, Cabernet Sauvignon in purity, demonstrates how “autochthonous” can be in our terroir. Vinified in purity to express all nuances that this great grape is able to give us in the clearest possible way, surprising us sip by sip.