On the Montereggi bottle, we designed a flower of Liriodendron tulipifera, the so-called tulip tree, for the calyx shape of its delicate flowers. It is a plant grown for ornamental purposes, belonging to the genus of magnolias as its tree reaches a considerable size.

In the park of Villa Bibbiani there is a specimen of liriodendro which has a trunk of more than a meter in diameter. It is located in the garden behind the villa (on the north-east side), one of the areas where Cosimo Ridolfi had his laboratory in open sky to experience the growth and cultivation of exotic species such as camphor, catalpa and of course lyriodendron. We have chosen this plant for our Montereggi, a pure Cabernet Sauvignon for its depth and complexity. Montereggi has a pure expression of the varietal combined with spices and toasted notes, with a great structure and a high aging potential.