The excellent Tuscan fish soup is called Cacciucco alla livornese, (known for its 5Cs: Characteristic, Classic, Cooked with Care and Expertise) a robust, true and tasty dish, made from poor fish, crustaceans and molluscs. The soup base of the dish is a mixture of garlic, pepper and sage, which gives the dish strength and flavor. It is a typical recipe that was born in the villages on the Tyrrhenian coast but is widespread throughout the Florentine area. The real origin of this dish has been lost between history and legend.
A dinner or lunch with Cacciucco, accompanied by slices of Tuscan bread, is to be enjoyed with a good glass of wine. Traditionally, it would be paired with a Chianti and surely, the Chianti Montalbano would be an excellent choice. We would also recommend our Flora, produced entirely from Sangiovese grapes as an alternative to try – its freshness with citrus accents and floral notes are suitable for dishes seasoned with tomatoes and seafood dishes, just like this Cacciucco.