Our Treggiaia is an intense red wine that goes well with the typical flavors of regional cuisine. At aperitif time, it can be paired with one of the famous cured meats that made the history of Italian gastronomy, Tuscan salami. A sausage made with ancient processing methods and has remained unchanged over the centuries. It is made with pork and spices, with a compact consistency, dark red color, imperative aroma and flavor. A salami to be enjoyed with the typical regional special – silly bread (bread made without salt) as a mandatory custom by the locals.

Tasting a glass of Treggiaia made with our specially selected Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese grapes will carry you away with its notes of ripe red fruit and spices. The bouquets of this wine, complex and fresh at the same time, call for a strong taste of meats and cold cuts with similar characteristics.