One of the most typical and significant cold cuts in the Tuscan region is Lardo di Colonnata. It is produced in Colonnata, in the Apuan Alps, an area famous for the production of Carrara marble. The beautiful white natural marble produced in Colonnata are also used as containers (“conche”) to cure and season this famous sausage ‘Lardo’.

The ideal way to taste lard is to cut it into thin slices and place them on toasted bread. This simple way of pairing helps to contain all the aroma of this delicately seasoned sausage as you chew into the slices.

A crouton topped with lard is a delicacy of the local cuisine, pairing it with a glass of typical Tuscan wine such as Pulignano IGT, the pure Sangiovese of Villa Bibbiani makes the experience even more intricate. The elegant Pulignano IGT red wine goes perfectly with this typical Tuscan cold cut. To further enhance this delicate and aromatic experience with lard, a vibrant and enveloping red wine, with a soft tannins will intensify the fragrance of the appetizer with a well-balanced persistence and elegance.