Combining cheese and wine is a true art, one of the most famous and typical Made in Tuscany pairings is definitely the Tuscan Pecorino PDO and Sangiovese, able to enhance the region’s food and wine tradition. In fact, Luigi Veronelli spoke of the “marriage of love” referring to the synergy that can create a combination given by products with the same origin.

With a bright ruby red colour and enveloping tannins, Pulignano, a pure Sangiovese, will enhance the taste of Pecorino creating a nice balance on the palate.

Another impeccable pairing is between the Tuscan Pecorino PDO and our Chianti Montalbano, a wine with a great structure, balance and long finish.

Among our favourite pairings, you can try soft cheeses with a sweet taste like camembert along with a glass of Villa Bibbiani Monteriggi, a Cabernet Sauvignon with hints of spice to the nose and enveloping to the palate.

Flora, our fresh and vibrant rosé with a persistent finish, goes very well with medium-aged cheeses such as taleggio or robiola.