Our bottles are representative of the place where they’re born, not only for the wine but also for the choice of labels. The Hovenia dulcis, present in the wooded meadow of the Villa Bibbiani park, inspired our Pulignano label, a pure Sangiovese, persuasive and a bright ruby red colour.

This tree, native to China, was one of the first specimens introduced to Italy between 1820 and 1830. Villa Bibbiani, in fact, not only has an artistic and historical value but also has a great scientific significance for the presence of so many even exotic plant species. The Hovenia dulcis is also called the raisin tree, because of petioles that resemble the consistency, colour and taste of dried sultanas. In the meadow in front of the estate it enjoys a sunny and isolated position, indispensable for this species that can reach the 10/12 meters of height.

During summer its deciduous leaves take on a dark green colour, with the warm, purple hues. These elegant leaves are the protagonists of the label of our wine.

Find out more about our Villa Bibbiani IGP Pulignano at https://villabibbiani.it/pulignano/