The history of Villa Bibbiani is truly ancient: the first written testimonies are reported in a notarial act dated 767 A.D. The structure of the Villa, as we admire today, dates back to the seventeenth century, but it’s only in the eighteenth century that the layout was completed with the construction of the theatre and the private chapel, which all constitute noteworthy places inside the villa.

The private and completely frescoed chapel was dedicated to Santa Teresa d’Avila in honour of Maria Teresa of Austria. Here, still today there is a relic of Santa Grania, a figure linked to the historical heritage of the community of Capraia. The story narrates that the body of the holy child, who died as martyr during the persecutions of Diocletian, was given to Don Nicola Gufoni, a native of Capraia, and the community immediately began to venerate it.

The chapel is certainly a “mystical place”, as George Rapier III, the current owner of the estate, says.