The gentle mountain hills on the outskirts of Florence, on the road to Empoli, are the Montalbano Hills. On the southern slope of these hills lies Villa Bibbiani. The territory of the estate is precisely in the Municipality of Capraia and Limite.

To have a bird’s eye view of the Montalbano territory you can go up to the Montelupo Fiorentino fortress, where you can understand in a single glance the panorama of this whole area: the Arno, which separates Montelupo from Capraia Fiorentina, the Apuan chain that frames the valley, the beautiful villas that stand out from its surroundings and the Capraia castle too. On the slopes you can see rich wooded areas and land cultivated with vines and olive groves, from these the wines of the cellar of Villa Bibbiani and the typical extra virgin olive oil are born.

In the past on the Montalbano hills, between the XVI and XVII centuries, the Medici created a hunting area that they called the Medici Royal Boat. Today on these slopes there are many excursion and hiking trails that offer views of the course of the Arno and the cultivated countryside. The itineraries to be travelled on foot and by bike serve to connect the villages surrounded by greenery, archaeological sites, mills and farms.

Capraia and Limite are the two souls of a single town: the two towns in fact differ by vocation. Limite developed around the Arno and from the water drew its wealth. Capraia, on the slopes of the hills, expressed its industriousness in agriculture: here oils and excellent wines such as Chianti Montalbano DOCG Villa Bibbiani are produced