In these early spring days, we’re dedicating ourselves to the planting of new vineyards on the Villa Bibbiani estate. The land that gently descends from Pulignano, in recent weeks, has been prepared to accommodate new vine plants.

The vineyard expansion plan started in 2019 with two hectares of Merlot; this year we will extend the area of vines by an additional eight hectares. We are putting in place the Petit Verdot vines, a grape of French origin that in Tuscany expresses itself in an excellent way, and Cabernet Franc, appreciated for the balance and elegance of its wine. Additionally, we have seeded other Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon plants which will enhance the production of our most appreciated wines.

It will take a few years and all the passion with which we cure our lands to appreciate the wine of these new vineyards in a glass. A wait we know will be rewarded.