Research and innovation are part of Villa Bibbiani’s DNA. Thanks to Cosimo Ridolfi’s insight, our winery was already considered a real jewel of engineering in the nineteenth century. Today it is among the few most avant-garde in Italy: the 2018/2020 biennium renovation work has provided innovative technologies that recover traditional knowledge and methods to produce a wine of superior quality. But why take inspiration from the past? The answer is simple and summarises in one word: respect. In this case we’re talking about respect for grape bunches, once guaranteed by manual processing.

Today technological advancement allows us to return to gestures that have been repeated in the cellars for centuries. An example for all is the punch down tool: a mechanical arm that stirs the must skins in a soft way, reproducing a movement that was once made by hand with sticks and similar tools. Thanks to this solution we can renounce the use of wine pumps, a source of stress for musts, in one of the crucial phases of vinification and preserve th1e natural aromas of wine up to the glass.