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Natural Beauty

The Villa Bibbiani park is a botanical treasure designed by the Marquis Cosimo Ridolfi. He is considered the father of modern agronomy. A leading figure for all of Tuscany and beyond. In fact, he was the founder of the first agricultural school in Italy, a professor at the University of Pisa and president of the Georgofili Academy. It is precisely to him that we owe the creation of the Bibbiani botanical park, eighteen hectares of land where exotic, age-old and unique species can be found in a fascinating bucolic context.

The Garden

Villa Bibbiani's garden is an outdoor treasure made up of various exotic plants and hundred-year-old trees. A park that surrounds and embeds the villa like the jewel that it is.

Within the botanical park of Villa Bibbiani there are unique varieties and hundred-year-old trees planted by the same Marquis Ridolfi. It was he who created this splendid acclimatization park, importing foreign species, in some cases for the first time in Italy. Added to this is a splendid Italian garden and historic greenhouses that in ancient times also housed his famous collection of camellias.

A jewel in the heart of Montalbano

The entire estate has 400 hectares that stretch from Montalbano to the Arno plain. Villa Bibbiani is the fulcrum of this magnificent corner of Tuscany.

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From a botanical point of view, the garden behind the villa is the most important part, as it is home to several exotic ornamental species. Some specimens were first introduced to Italy by the Marschese himself.

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Villa Bibbiani is a beautiful Italian resort located on the southern slopes of Montalbano with over 1,300 years of history and elegance.

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The former greenhouses, now finely restored, once housed the Camellia collection of the Marquis Cosimo Ridolfi. In fact, a variety bears his name, Camelia Ridolfiana. He was selected within Bibbiani by the Marquis himself

Today you can still admire fascinating Italian gardens and lush grassy and wooded meadows that host thousands of age-old and exotic species.

The winery

Villa Bibbiani is synonymous of excellence and elegance. In our winery, one of the most avant-garde in Italy, we work with grapes from our estate to produce fine labels that represent the best of the area.

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