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Italian tradition

Villa Bibbiani’s winery is a magnificent architecture that in 1800, it housed the ancient underground rooms of Cosimo Ridolfi. Since 150 years ago, it was considered a state-of-the-art structure with running water obtained thanks to a system of storage tanks and it was also equipped with a heating system that allowed temperature control during vinification.

Production cycle

In order to fully respect the fruits of our vineyards, the winery has been designed for a free-falling production cycle. Harvested by hand, after a careful selection, we transfer our grapes in temperature-controlled tanks, also always by hand

The fermentation works are carried out with a technological electrocutor, thus recalling the ancient manual workmanship. The cellar, organized on several levels, allows us to exploit gravity also for the barrel and bottling. Through these careful steps and attention to detail, we want to convey in every bottle all the elegance of this territory.

The barrel room

The ancient barrel room with its exposed brick vaults is the place where the wine has always aged and refined at Villa Bibbiani. Here, research and study continue among barriques and large French or Slavonian oak barrels. Every wine has its own characteristics and needs the right container to be exalted at its best. This is why in our cellar there are also terracotta amphorae of Impruneta or Cocciopesto.

This type of aging is a tribute to the past, as well as to Tuscany, which is where they are produced. Terracotta allows an evolution of wine respecting its characteristics and authenticity. The same applies to the Cocciopesto, a material already used by the Romans, which differs itself to be not cooked but only poured.

Traditional Innovators

Currently, the cellars have been renovated and equipped with innovative systems that allow the most updated winemaking techniques, while conserving its tradition. The exploitation of the force of gravity between different levels, from the entry of grapes in the cellar to the placing in casks, it is for us today, as in the past, the solution to enliven wine. The research and study of new solutions to achieve the highest quality wine have always pervaded the walls of this winery.

Villa Bibbiani's

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